Oeno Terrae’s two wineries are located in 2 distinct regions of Canada which are renowed for their unique climatic and soil conditions. These regions are Canada’s fame Niagara Peninsula in Southern Ontario and Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia in the Eastern part of Canada.
Making the most of their respective geographic conditions, each Winery strives to perfect their wines by hand-selecting their fruits from a selective group of high-quality grape and fruit farms that have a passion for the land and terroir.
QANUK ESTATE WINESQanuk is the Northern Canada Eskimo word for “snowflake”.  Snowflakes are six-sided hexagonal crystals that resemble the shape and purity of diamonds.  It is said that no two snowflakes are exactly identical and that a snowflake’s structure is constantly changing in response to environmental conditions.

We chose Qanuk as our symbol since we believe that just like the formation of snowflakes; the making of our Canadian varietal Icewines and other dessert wines is a unique and dynamic process leading to the making of genuine distinctive products.

Our Qanuk Estate Icewines are produced using grapes grown by a group of neighbouring historic vineyards, established in the fame Niagara Peninsula of Southern Ontario, Canada.  The area is a fertile microclimate known worldwide for its unique combination of summer growing conditions and cold Canadians winters ideal for the making of Icewines.   Most of the quality Ontario wineries are found in this region.

Made with passion and dedication, our grape Icewines and dessert wines are a true expression of the best that Canada has to offer to wine lovers.

MUWIN ESTATE WINESMuwin Estate wines are a true expression of what Canada is all about:  clean, pure, high quality and natural.  Our Winery sits on an acreage of fruit orchards and berries in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.  All wines are 100% produced from luscious crops of raspberries, apples, blackcurrants and blueberries hand-picked at our farm and neighbouring estates.  Our winery also produces excellent quality and well valued grape dessert wines for export markets.

From a land famous for pure natural fruits, our Canadian fruit, berry, and grape wines are a true expression of Canadian quality, health and innovation.

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